As you can see, Asteroidi K, as I originally called my pages, has had a face-lift of sorts. At the time I made my pages, in early 2000's, having your own personal home pages meant being at the cutting edge of new technology. After that however they have been replaced and run over by forums, blogs and finally by social media.

The longer my pages remained without being updated, the more obsolete they became and the harder it became to do anything to them. This facelift attampts to update their appearance as well as their outdated content, but at the same time to remain faithful to their original idea.

At the time I originally made web pages for myself I wanted them to have a theme. Writing was close to my heart, and I ended up choosing it as the theme for my pages. This can still be seen from these pages. I have removed many things no longer serve a function, and updated others. Many parts of the English version of the pages however, the quotes archive in particular, still remain in their original look.

So far I haven't seen need for a new about me section all home pages once had to have, but if anyone reading this is for some reason interested who I am, you are welcomed to check out the original version I wrote over fifteen years ago and have since then updated only a bit from here and there. A
t the moment the best way to figure out what I am doing is to follow me somewhere in the social media.

The old pages can still be found on the net, purely for reasons of nostalgia.


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