Asteroid K represents my little treehouse in the gigantic theme park known also as the Internet. It is my plan to gather here material concerning subjects close to my own heart, the closest probably being science fiction writing. There are also sections for those of you who are curious to know who the heck this bozo is and a list of the texts I have published. Boring, narcisistic egoism? That very well may be the case, but then again, that seems to be the primary need these personal web sites serve. So, if science fiction, fantasy, horror or writing any of them interest you, step right in...

Pasi Karppanen
the station manager

P.S. As you most likely notice, these pages do not represent the razor sharp cutting edge of the modern web design. The reason for this is obvious: the appearance of the pages hasn't changed a bit since the day they were opened. One could say they look more or less the way home pages decade and a half ago did. Over the years I have many times planned to change the layout and the content of the pages completely, and in 2016 I finally did so. The new pages are online, but I've let the old version be, just so that you who end up here are could marvel the antiquity of my pages with disbelief.


Stuff about me plus a few links
Links for sci-fi writers
The Brainstorm Gallery literary quote archive
The Finnish Names page

Asteroid K in Finnish

These pages were opened 1.1.2000. By spring 2002 the counter had reached thirteen thousand visitors. The next counter, activated 5.4.2002, ran till 21.12.2012 and reached half a million visitors before the world ended. Really people, you should get a life. The pages were opened at on 22.12.2012.