Male Names
Female Names

Aarre  'treasure'
Aatos  'thought'
Ahti  God of sea in the Finnish national epic Kalevala
Aimo a little old-fashioned word for 'generous amount' of something
Aku  Donald Duck's first name in Finnish
Armas 'dear'
Arvo 'value'
Aulis 'willing'
Auvo 'bliss'
Eemeli Well-known Astrid Lindgren's character, the name therefore has certain rural feel to it.
Heimo 'tribe' 
Ilkka Also the last name of a peasant rebellion leader Jaakko Ilkka, occured in 1590's
Ilmari Shorter version of  'Ilmarinen', a skilled blacksmith in Kalevala
Into 'enthusiasm'
Jaska shorter version of Jaakko, also the Charlie Brown's first name in Finnish 
Juha also the name of a famous play by Juhani Aho
Jussi  also the shorter version of Juhani and Johannes 
Johannes John the Baptist's name in Finnish, somewhat old-fashiond name nowdays
Jorma one of the many slang words for that longer part of male genitalia
Kai  'perhaps'
Kalle  a rascal type of character in numerous Finnish jokes, used in form 'Pikku-Kalle' (Little Kalle)
Kari a rock in a lake or sea just below the water surface
Lassi  Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes comic strips) in Finnish
Leevi  Hobbes (from Calvin and Hobbes comic strips) in Finnish
Oiva  'splendid'
Onni  'happiness'
Otso one of  the many synonyms or 'nicknames' for bear
Pauli male version of 'Paula'
Petteri Rudolf the reindeer's first name in Finnish
Rami  also the shorter version of  Raimo
Riku the shorter version of Rikhard
Roope Scrooge McDuck's first name in Finnish
Sampo magical machine in Kalevala
Sulo 'charm', 'grace'
Taisto 'fight', a little poetic word, more commonly used in form 'taistelu'
Taito 'skill'
Tapani also the genetive form of 'habit' (tapa), meaning 'my habits'
Tapio Finnish god of forest and animals in Kalevala
Tarmo 'energy', 'vigour'
Tenho 'fascination', 'enchantment'
Toimi 'occupation', 'profession'
Toivo 'hope'
Topi also the shorter version of Toivo
Unto  sometimes used as a slang word for stupid or 'little dim', as is the name 'Untamo'
Urho  from 'urhea' (brave), also the name of Finland's most respected president Urho Kekkonen
Usko  'faith'
Veli  'brother'
Vesa  young tree (sapling), see 'Taimi' from female names
Visa  'birchwood', also the Finnish form of 'quiz'
Voitto 'victory' 
Väinö shorter version of 'Väinämöinen', a mage and a bard in Kalevala
Yrjö  popular slang word for 'vomit'

Aino  a tragical character in Kalevala, girl who drowns herself when forced to marry an old man 
Anna  'give' as in 'give me'
Ansa 'trap'
Aura 'the aura', 'a plow'
Eeva Adam's wife Eve in Finnish
Elena  Russian form of 'Helena', often pronounced with slight 'j' sound on front of the word.
Emmi shorter version of Emilia, also one form of the verb 'hesitate', 'älä emmi' = 'don't hesitate'
Esteri appears in a proverb too vulgar to be repeated here, describing heavy rain (and its source)
Hanna  also the shorter version of Johanna
Hellä  'gentle'
Helmi  'a pearl'
Hertta  the 'heart' in cards
Hilkka  'a hood', 'a cap', a women's scarf worn in head
Iiris  the 'iris' in eye
Iines  Donald Duck's girlfriend Daisy in Finnish
Kanerva  'heather'
Laina  'a loan' 
Lempi  'love'
Lemmikki  'pet' 
Meri  'sea'
Marja  'a berry'
Minttu  'mint' (bright greenish color and a candy flavour)
Orvokki  'violet' (a flower)
Paula  older word for a piece of string or a lace, worn in women's hair or as part of trap
Rauha  'peace'
Roosa  pinkish color
Salli  'let' as in 'let me'
Satu  'fairy tale','a bedtime stoy'
Sini 'blue'
Sisko 'sister'
Suvi 'summer'
Taimi  young plant (sapling), see 'Vesa' in male names
Taru 'a legend', 'a myth'
Terttu  a bunch of berries growing in a tree or a bush
Tuuli 'wind'
Unelma  'a dream', do not confuse this with 'uni' which people see when they sleep
Vappu  Finnish spring celebration, takes place in may
Varma  'certain'
Vuokko  'anemone' (a flower)