Note to readers. I wrote the following introduction of myself when I made my pages, over decade and a half ago (wow, I'm old) since that was the custom back then. I've updated it from time to time from here and there, but as such it's far from who am what I'm from today. Everything in it still true, but if you're interested what's happening in my life today, I suggest you visit me for example on Facebook or something.

So, in here I'm supposed to say something witty and cool about myself. Hm. Easier said than done. For one thing, I'm a reall-ly dull guy. In fact I think if there were a word "dull guy" in encyclopedia, there would be my picture next to it. Like there on the right. (The picture is a bit old, and they say nowadays I bear striking resemblance with Harry Potter.)

Okay, some facts. I was born in 1971. During the turbulent years of early 1990's I began my studies in Lahti, which during the following ten years became my home town. In 1997 I graduated with a diploma of polytechnic architect. (A degree you can achieve in approximately 4 years.)

In the field of Finnish sci-fi fandom my primary contribution has probably been the work I've done in the Finnish Science Fiction Writers Associoation. I've contributed to FSFWA's  Cosmos Pen magazine (closest equivalent would be the SFWA Bulletin I suppose) and written articles to other Finnish fanzines as well. Actual sci-fi stories, however I've published only two. (Not only a reall-ly dull guy, I'm also a real-lly slow writer.) One of the reasons for that is all the rest of the fandom wor I've done. Among other things I eneded up as Cosmos Pen's editor-in-chief from 2004 to 2010.
In 2004 the course of my life took quite a change, after realizing in the 33 years of age, that architecture was not my thing after all. Instead I applied to Turku polytechnic to study informatics and managed to get in as well. Informatics sounds pretty fancy, I know, but what that basically means is that after my studies I qualified as a librarian. (Yes, a librarian. I said I'm a boring guy.) This also meant having to leave Lahti and all my friends there and moving together with my girlfriend. (That's right, I finally managed to get one.)

These pages are my first serious attempt in creating a home page for myself. A feedback of any kind is more than welcome. So far the page consists of various little sections offering more or less useful information for writers. Besides this little page and a list of texts (only in Finnish, sorry) I've published in various Finnish sci-fi magazines there are some links for sci-fi writers, actually a quite comprehensive collection of quotes about writing and a selection of Finnish names for those of you who want to know what they sound like. Not much, I know. Most of the stuff you can find in the Finnish version of this page is in Finnish and I'm still wondering what to do with these English-language ones? Any ideas?



Hm. Lets see. It's common practice that in one's homepage you tell about things that intrest you and list your favourite movies, books, bands and so on. Personally I've never understood that, but heck, here's my list for you to enjoy. (Ha ha.) First books. My first major sense-of-wonder experience in that department was probably Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars novels - which the staff of my home town library very kindly, if absolutely illogically, placed in the children's section. After that there were the basic ABC of the sci-fi translated to Finnish, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and Arthur C. Clarke. Asimov's Foundation series is still on of those things I can't examine very objectively. In recent years I've been intrested in more "intelligent" sci-fi,  for example Iain M. Banks, Ian McDonald and the grand old lady of science fantasy, Ursula K. LeGuin. In the humour department there are Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams and outside sf/f such writers as Colin Dexter, Rex Stout, and Donald E. Westlake. Highly recommended all of them.

Another genre I developed an addiction to during my childhood years were the superhero comics. Okay, they weren't all that intelligent and very likely did some awful damage to my literary taste, but during those days they were as sci-fi as sci-fi gets for a 13-year old boy. The X-Men comics Chris Claremont and John Byrne did during 80's are still very close to my heart and the crap both Marvel and DC have produced, let's say after Heroes Reborn can't change that. John Byrne's She-Hulk also has a huge place in my heart, as well as Wonder Woman, especially the stories published in 1990's. During that time DC's Vertigo line also managed to produce some outstanding storytelling landmarks, especially Neil Gaiman's Sandman. As Morpheus' sister would put it: supercalifragilisticexpialidocius!


Then the movies. First there are the usual sci-fi-, fantasy- and horror fan's favourites - Blade Runner, Highlander and say... Wolf. The cult movie Rocky Horror Picture Show has always appealed to me, as well as Tim Burton's wacky way of looking things, and let's not forget Terry Gilliam's claustrofobistic Brazil either. The silent classic The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari was something out of this world, to say the least. (Try watching it at night. Alone. Boy, that's one scary movie...) Of the more recent films Gattaca restored my faith in science fiction as movie genre. Addition to that there are some names you wouldn't immediately connect with sci-fi fan's favourites, Charlie Chaplin, The Marx brothers, Alfred Hitchcock, Sergio Leone and the animation anarchist Tex Avery.

List of my television favourites is also quite long, even though I've tried to maintain some standard to what I do and do not watch. The ye olde Star Trek is something I've never actually liked, unlike The Next Generation which still has a major nostalgic value for me. Deep Space Nine was a series in the "my brain hurts" department, but the Voyager I found actually rather enjoyable. Is there something wrong with me? (I'm not about to create Kate Mulgrew unofficial fan page here, but come on, give the gal a break.)

Babylon 5 with all its political intrigue was something really interesting, although the ending was an anticlimax to say the least. (Next you ask if I like Star Wars? Well, The Empire Strikes Back had some good moments, but other than that... Hm.) Also Xena and Farscape had their moments. For a number of years I didn't watch television at all, until Heroes sparked my interest it again. I'm a huge Doctor Who fan (both old and the new), and quite recently I've found Agent Carter and Supergirl rather enjoyable as well. (Yes, I know, I like strong female characters.)

Over the years there's been number of series I've also found very enjoyable, even if you can't call all of them science fiction: Prisoner, Get Smart, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Black Adder, 'Allo 'Allo, The Fast Show, Alf, Frasier, The Simpsons, Futurama, Ren & Stimpy, Invader Zim... How's that for starters?



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"What writer wants to do is not what he does."
Jorge Luis Borges